In what way
should the history of Taiwan be interpreted?


In school, 
we are told by teachers
that the history of Taiwan began
when Netherlands force first set foot on Taiwan.

Social values remind us bluntly
that non-indigenous people,
own Taiwan day by day.


What about the thousands of years preceding Netherlands occupation?
Who allowed this missing passage of history to slip from their memories?


In fact,
not only did the people in distant past hold no memories
of those indigenous peoples who once inhabited the plains 
but also those who enjoy the ubiquitous power of information flow in modern times.


Forgotten by the society, 
Taiwanese Plain Indigenous Peoples refuse to allow their own history fade into oblivion.
Instead, they bravely decided to come forward and tell their stories.


N.B.: pahaihian ni saw ki yami means “we, the forgotten people” in Kaxabu language.

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