2. The Forgotten Peoples
  3. The Southwest Region of the Island Home to the Southern Taiwanese Plains Indigenous Peoples

Written by Chen Yi-Zhen; Translated by 陳德怡 Deh I Chen; Illustrated by Lin Jia-Dong


Who once lived in the vast plains of Taiwan's southwest region?
The southwestern plains were once occupied by the Taiwan Plains Indigenous Peoples, yet their history has been lost in time. Fortunately, historical documents studies and research offer more information to the descendants seeking their roots, as the stories of their ancestors are gradually uncovered.


The Makatao, Siraya, Taivoan, Lloa, and Arikun are the five major Taiwan Plains Indigenous Peoples in the southwest region. Current community members are dedicated to reviving their traditional culture, including holding Night Rituals to pray to their deities and ancestral spirits with offerings of pork. With the largest indigenous population, the southern plains indigenous peoples continue to look for the missing parts of their history. Piece by piece, they are reclaiming the collective memories of their people.







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