Notice for Visitors

In order to prevent outside visitors from developing stereotypes or misconceptions about the situations of Taiwan’s indigenous groups due to lack of knowledge of indigenous cultures, this month’s Indigenous Sight has invited several outstanding mountain guides and forest experts to introduce the island’s abundant ecological resources, as well as the wisdom of indigenous peoples to coexist with nature. We highly recommend you read the following content in detail because it’s so informative that you don’t want to pass it up.

Don’t panic if you get lost along the trip. Indigenous Sight will always be here at your service and continue to guide you in exploring knowledge of indigenous cultures in depth and enable you to appreciate the beauty of mountains and forests from a different perspective. We hope this journey will help you gain a new vision and energy to join hands with us in the efforts to raise the visibility of Taiwan’s indigenous peoples.

Indigenous Sight


Note: “Plutut:Qlhangi gaya dgiyaq,”means “passing the baton: never forget admonitions of the elders when entering the mountains” in Truku language.











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