Things You should Know Before Entering the Mountains

In recent years, thanks to the rapid growth of the hiker population in Taiwan, the occurrence of mountain accidents and tragedies has become increasingly frequent. But this should not be used as an excuse to diminish the public’s faith and interest in nature. In light of this, we launch a series of reports on the predicaments of indigenous people returning home as well as the controversy over hunting, hoping to help the general public obtain a sound understanding about the real situations of Taiwan’s indigenous peoples and avoid mistakenly idealizing the return of youths as well as indigenous cultural revitalization.

For approaching the mountains, we have introduced multiple routes featuring diversified and uniquely pleasing landscapes along the way. Feel free to choose one that suits your strengths and body conditions to enjoy the hike. It is suggested not to stray off the trail at will in case you might lose your way. When navigating our website, keep in mind not to get overly immersed and refrain from sitting still for too long, as you’ll be prone to eye fatigue and mosquito bites. We wish you a wonderful trip.

Indigenous Sight


Note: “Plutut:Qlhangi gaya dgiyaq,”means “passing the baton: never forget admonitions of the elders when entering the mountains” in Truku language.











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