Never Forget Your Roots and Remember Where Your People Came From !


A long time ago, Taiwanese Plains Indigenous Peoples lived all over Taiwan and developed inter-community alliances and confederations. However, as large numbers of Han people immigrated to Taiwan and settled here, Taiwanese Plains Indigenous Peoples were forced to leave their ancestral lands and assimilate into the Han culture. The borders between their territories gradually became the borderlines defining different cities. But now we are going to rediscover the earliest original version of the land!




Tatuturo Confederation

This Confederation ruled the region between the south of Dajia River and north of Lugang. The area includes over dozens of communities of the Papora people, Babuza people, Pazeh people, and Honya people. After being defeated by the Qing Dynasty army, members of the former Confederation relocated to Puli, Yilan, and other places. 


The Tjaquvuquvulj Kingdom

Located in the high mountains in Taiwan’s southeast region, this kingdom was mainly led by the Paiwan people. They ruled the area between the south of present Shuaimang River and the north of Fenggang River in Pingtung.


The 18 Communities of Lonckjau

The Seqalu Kingdom ruled the entire Hengchun Peninsula area (south of Fenggang River to Eluanbi). Its subjects were a mix of Paiwan and Pinuyumayan peoples, commonly known as the Seqalu people.


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