2. Indigenous Movements
  3. Seeing the 30 Years of Indigenous Movements

Written by Kuo Po-Jiun; Photo provided by Huang Tzi-Ming


In the journey of more than 30-year indigenous movements, indigenous peoples went out to the street and suffered social confrontation and injustice as well as suppression and pains. Through photos of the Photographer, Huang Zi-Ming, we see the traces that will not be deleted. When looking back, we attribute what we have today to indigenous pioneers. After 30 years of indigenous movements, we have not reached the destination yet. 


Above Picture: June 1st, 1994 / Protest for Nuclear Waste Dump by Taos of Orchid Island


April 3rd, 1987 / Protest of indigenous groups for violent excavation of an indigenous ancestral tomb of Dungpu Community in Xinyi Township, Nantou County by a backhoe.  


January 9th, 1988 / Huaxi street march organized by 55 women and indigenous to rescue child prostitutes; leading the protesters, Kawlu declared their appeal and current Minister of Council of Indigenous Peoples, Icyang Parod assisting her with the speaker.


August 25th, 1988 / Indigenous Peoples in traditional costumes to gain for the rights of land by appealing “to survive, return my land” on the street of Taipei.


1988 / Appeal of Su Chung-Hsiao of Xiyuan Community of Pangcah and his community members to Taipei County Government for temporary grievance of demolition of his illegally built house along Xindian River.


October 27th, 1999 / Appeal made by Hsu De-En and his community members from Nantou’s devastated area by the 921 Earthquake in Taipei for their lost home.


1993 / Child prostitute rescue march organized by the Garden of Hope Foundation with supporters gathering in the prevalent area of the prostitution industry on Linsheng North Rd. in Taipei.


June, 1995 / Protest by Taos of Orchid Island at the headquarters of TaiPower for nuclear waste dump on Orchid Island.


May 1st, 1999 / March for Unemployment Issue on Labors’ Day.


November 23th, 2017  / The Cross shouldered by the elderly of Atayal, Tian Ming-Cheng of Atayal who with his community members from Fushi Village, Hualien County setting on the signal fire to declare their traditional territories.


May 2nd, 2017 / Appeal initiated by Nabu, Panai, and Mayaw Biho for traditional indigenous territories on Ketagalan Blvd. and protest devices dismantled forcibly by the police.

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