“Can you support yourself financially?” “Why are you not as outstanding as other people?” “Have you ever thought about what to do in the future?” Are you fed up with all those questions? Do you feel like yelling, “Auntie, can I quit working hard?” This time, the “Misanthropic Philosopher” decided to stay away from the hustle and bustle of cities and to explore the Atayal community in Nanao Township a bit. How exactly is indigenous life different from what we think?
You need to walk a long distance in the mountains first just because you want to hurt for food; you need to grow false nettle first just because you want to weave a clothes; you need to tell differences between plants first just because you want to make a cup of tea. These are brand new experiences that you have never ever had. Do you think that after doing all these, young people would still have time to resent their life?


Note: “Patarwamara: matyangulwalwadhane ka vai” means “Heritage: Very Charming Atayal” in Rukai language.








Things a Misanthropic Philosopher
Learned from Indigenous Hunter




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